The Wolves of Elanti

There will be NO Gathering for this month due to the ongoing war

Pack Ranks


Alphas are the leaders of the pack, a wolf and his/her mate rule the pack. They can make laws specially for their pack and are in power for their whole life. They are in charge of the pack and can tell other wolves to get out of their pack if they break laws. If one Alpha wolf dies, the other will remain in power, with a Beta to replace the other, until the Alpha dies. If both alphas die or are dead, the Beta will take over to become the Alpha. There must be one female and one male Alpha wolf.

Betas are wolves that normally take over and become Alpha if the original Alpha wolves die. There must be one female and one male, but it is rare for a Beta to see an Alpha pass away so he/she can take over so it's common to see many Betas die until one will eventually take over. Because of this, Beta's have been known to murder their Alpha in order to take their place and have more power.

Guards are in charge of guarding the pack from danger and patrolling the cave and territory. Guards are specially trained wolves that can fight and hunt better than most other wolves. If a Beta dies, a guard will become a Beta. To become a Guard, it takes 2 years in training.

Warriors are the defence force of the pack and are trained to fight and fight only. They are supposed to help the Guards to protect the cave, but they aren't on duty 24/7 like them. If a Guard dies, a warrior undergo 2 years in training to become a Guard. 

Medicine Wolves are intelligent wolves that are trained to heal minor and some major injuries but they cannot bring wolves back to life and if they encounter a wolf that is very close to death, it is highly unlikely they will be able to heal him/her unless he/she has been specially trained or been a Medicine Wolf for a long time. Most of the time, Medicine Wolves are specially gifted, possessing powers.

Medicine Wolf Apprentices are young wolves learning the ways of the Medicine Wolf. Their tutor is the Medicine Wolf from their pack. Once they finish their training, the Medicine Wolf steps down and the apprentice steps up to the the Medicine Wolf for the pack. The previous Medicine Wolf will either train another apprentice, join another pack or help the apprentice Medicine Wolf.

Omegas are the lowest ranked wolves. They always eat last and are always bullied. There is normally more than one. Omegas are wolves that broke a pack law or telling secrets about their pack with other packs. They never go up a rank unless they have done an extremely good deed to the pack or to an important pack member (normally an Alpha); for example: saving the Alpha from another wolf while the Alpha was sleeping.

Lone Wolves are not members of a pack. They are homeless wolves who wander all the territories, doing whatever they want and not obeying anyone. They catch their own food, live by themselves and are free to join whichever pack they want, whenever they want as long as the Alpha allows lone wolves. Other wolves don't respect them as much as they have either been forced out of their pack due to bad attitude and/or breaking Pack Law or they were born as loners. In some packs, wolves who were Lone Wolves are treated even worse than Omegas and sometimes teased and bullied for not belonging to a pack. 

 In every pack there is:

2 Alphas (Male and Female)

2 Betas (Male and Female)

1 Medicine Wolf (Any gender) and 1 Medicine Wolf apprentice (Any gender)

3 Guards (2 always on duty, 1 back-up if a Guard is sick)

2 Warriors (Any gender)

5 Without rank

5 Pups 

Up to 10 Omegas (if your pack Alpha is generous)

Overall: 21 wolves per pack/31 including Omegas

To see the available spaces in all the packs, click HERE



When you join, you are a wolf apart of a pack so by filling in the questions I can tell which pack you want to be apart of and which rank. Your profile picture should be your wolf which you can either draw yourself or get one from Google. Every wolf needs a story, stating where you are from, maybe talking a bit about your parents and/or siblings etc. If you want an example, look at the stories on member's wall (under About Me). If you are struggling to make one, I am free to make one for you as long as you tell me what you want in it. I will message you, stating which ranks are available and once you have made your decision, you can message me back with the rank you want and you are free to role-play to your heart's content. If you have any questions, please Inbox me (Amaya).

Oh, and sorry for the amount of information you are reading, I just get really frustrated when new rp'ers don't do the right things, even though it had been stated clearly. It can really put me in a bad mood!  


How To Role-Play

 If you know how to write stories, you are probably good at role-playing. You focus on 1 character, unless you have more on the same account at talk about them, describing their feelings, what they say and their movements. For an example, you could take a passage from a book or this one that I made: 

Teresa looked up innocently and stared into her mother's eyes. "I-I swear! I had nothing to do with the it!" she cried as a tear trickled down her cheek.
A passage is normally short, unless it contains  useful information relative to the story. You should try to keep replies relativley short and not too long, like a paragraph, say, around 5-10 sentences.
A common mistake in role-playing is that some people not only control their character, but others as well. Here is another example:
 Louise laughed so hard that she fell of the park bench and onto the soft grass. Ellie stared at Louise impatiently, waiting for her to recover.
(THIS IS WRONG! You should only control Louise unless your character is Ellie, unless you control Louise and Ellie on the same account.)

Also, in this role-play, we speak in past-tense. Like this:
"Let's go hunting!" Amaya smiled.
"Let's go hunting!" Amaya smiles.
If you do this by accident, thats okay, just try and keep to past-tense.
If you have more than one account, like I do, and two of your characters are in the same scene or having a conversation, you can do this instead of having to constantly switch accounts:
@AccountName: Insert text here
But obviously, instead of putting AccountName, you'll put the name of your account. Examples can be seen in the Forums. Here is another example, taken from the main story in the Waterhole:

@Odahviing: Odahviing could see the confusion written all over their faces. "So I see she hasn't told you." He murmured, standing up.


@Ume and Rei: "Told us what?" Ume demanded. She was clearly getting sick of all these secrets and getting annoyed with this 'Odahviing'.


If you are unsure about any of this, please Inbox me (Amaya) and I will explain.