The Wolves of Elanti

There will be NO Gathering for this month due to the ongoing war

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! (or non-artists)

EDIT 3: Aha, yeah. It's May. I said this would be finished by February ._________.

I lied.

I've decided to make this rather voluntary, so if you want to do it, you can, but if you don't want to, it's not necessary. If people still want to draw their wolves and hand them in, I'm still taking them, but I won't be setting a proper due date for this. Just hand it in whenever you want, and I'll slowly keep collecting. I will put them on display, so the people who actually did it can get what they deserve, but when a submission comes in I'll just add them to the picture. Thanks guys for your cooperation, and to everyone who actually handed it in before the due date,(Tigris, Willow Blossom). 

EDIT 2: Because personally I don't think I'll be able finish drawing by the end of the month, I'm going to change it a little to give those still drawing more time. If you plan on participating, I'll need to know through a message (to Amaya) that you are still in by the end of January, whereas submissions will not be needed until sometime near the end of February, the exact date of which I will give as we get closer to the time. This shouldn't make much of a difference, due to school starting for most of us in February, so if you don't want to be working on your homework and a picture at the same time, get going!

EDIT 1:  Procrastination can certainly be tempting, and because this post has been up for a while, I don't necessarily want people constantly postponing their efforts, so it eventually doesn't get finished. Because of this, the collaboration will finish at the end of January. I will not be accepting any other pictures after that. If it isn't that successful, then we'll just have to go with what we've got. If you still haven't drawn yet, or are planning to, you've got a month to complete it!

Hey all!

For no special occasion, I've decided that we need a little group picture! So here's the deal: If you like to be challenged, I need you to DRAW YOUR CHARACTER (or if you have multiple, your favourite character(s)).

But there's a catch...You're not allowed to draw them as wolves, you have to draw them as humans! NO EXCEPTIONS!

HAHA! I'm just being plain evil now...

I don't care whether you're a brilliant artist, or whether the most you can draw is a line, but if you're willing to give it a go, please do so! Any style is accepted, whether it's anime, chibi, realistic or even a stick figure.

Unlike before, I will allow the drawing to be done either traditionally (with pen and paper), or digitally (using a painting/drawing application on the computer. Even use a tablet application if you want to). If you are doing yours digitally, I will need to to be done without a background, that is, with a transparent background. If you are doing yours digitally and are unsure how to do this, please inbox me.

I'll be creating a forum where everyone can place their pictures, or inbox them to me if you don't want them seen, and I'll arrange them around and post it once everyone is finished. Please, take your time! I don't want some people rushing and making their character look messy, and then others taking their time and making it look good. Also, if it was coloured, it would be appreciated. 


- If you use a base for your drawing, please provide me with a link to the base you used, so when I do post the final picture, I can give reference.

- Please, please, please do not simply get someone else's drawing and just draw over it and then proceed to claim it as your own. That's copyright and unfair to the original owners. At least make an attempt to draw your character yourself and if you really don't like it, you can use a base but follow the rules that I have mentioned above. There is no shame in using bases.

- Although this is a human drawing, feel free to add in any features that you may think will help to separate your character from the rest. Eg: Wings if you are a winged wolf, weapons, jewellery, and any specific markings- such as tattoos or feathers.

- Make sure that your drawing actually resembles your wolf character. Don't draw a human with blue hair and green eyes when your wolf is actually black and red. We need to know exactly which wolf it is. Don't worry, your drawing skills will not be judged. I know from experience that even the best artist has to start somewhere.

- Finally, HAVE FUN AND TAKE YOUR TIME! This isn't a competition, just a friendly collaboration. 

Good luck, and happy drawing! 



Hello fellow TWoE'ers :D

I would just like to make a small announcement that I have officially created a TWoE deviantArt group for anyone who wishes to draw something TWoE related and wants to put it on dA! It's been up for a while now, but no one has really posted anything, so I just thought I'd just remind people that is it still going and still accepting art!

Some art has already been submitted, and we'd love to have more people post art! Also, I will be posting updates when I can on dA, so it would be a good idea to watch the group to keep updated!

Come join or see the group HERE! 

Thanks guys!




Welcome to 'The Wolves of Elanti'. Elanti is an island occupied by wolves, some normal, but others that are gifted.

This site is a role playing site where you can create your own character, join a pack (if you want) and let your imagination go wild.

(If you don't know how to role-play, see the page 'How To Role-Play')

Like every wolf pack, we have ranks but you will have to see if they are available via the 'The Packs' page. But, to make sure no one goes over the top, we need to have some rules.




  •  You can only join if you have a wolf. This problem has come up many times over the past, and if you do not plan to role play, do NOT join, or you will be deleted. We want role-players who actually role-play, not join and do nothing. If you're confused, don't hesitate to ask!
  • No bad language, spamming etc. If you are unsure about which words are acceptable, inbox me (Amaya)
  • You can have powers but you will have to ask me and tell me the power you would like and I will either accept or decline it. All you can freely have is wings, but they are optional.
  • Be loyal to anyone in your pack. You can kill but not too often. You will have to consult to the wolf that you want to kill or else it is unfair to them and you could go on a killing spree.
  • If you want to mate you can but you can only have up to two mates in a lifetime and up to 4 pups in a litter.
  • You can only join 1 pack at a time. If you want to change, tell Amaya (me).
  • High ranked wolves (Alphas, Betas or Medicine Wolves) must play often or they will drop down a rank, or be deleted, so when considering what rank you would like, please keep this in mind.
  • If you would like to switch packs in the role-play, you must consult the pack's wolf with the highest rank. If you have a specific rank you would like to be, don't forget to add that in when you're speaking to them!
  • NO O.P. (over powered) wolves!  If you seem to be too overpowered- one of the Admins will politely inform you, try to only have 2-3 powers (If you want to experiment with many things, just get more wolves).
  • Just because we have a few rules does not mean your fun is restricted. Use your imagination! That's what this website is all about!


Guidelines to Role Playing on TWoE


  • Each role-play must be a minimum of 10 words, (I will allow some exceptions), maximum 5 paragraphs (approx.). Please no short story-length posts, unless necessary.
  • If you are leaving/arriving at a place, you must state that you have left/arrived there, or else then people may start talking to you even though you aren't actually there.
  • Your wolf doesn't have to be from Elanti! If you would like, your wolf can be from another country, like the majority of the wolves here. However, you CANNOT role-play outside Elanti. For example: If your wolf goes on holiday to outside Elanti, they cannot create a new topic of post anywhere about what is happening in the foreign country. You can only post once they arrive back on the island.
  • Just because we are a wolf website doesn't mean that your imagination has to be limited to wolves and wolves only! For example, Odahviing is a wolf, and most of the time he is in his wolf form, but is true form is a dragon. This I will allow, as long as your character is seen in their wolf form for most of the time, your character is free to be another animal or even a human is you really want to! However, you must ask me first prior to joining the site so that I know and in case your imagination has gone a bit too far- so know that your request may be declined.
  • If you are controlling a character and don't role-play too often, other role-players will think that you don't want to appear in the scene and they will continue without you, so try to reply as much as you can if you want to be there! 


 SAY HELLO TO THE NEW AND IMPROVED MAP OF ELANTI! Sadly, I haven't added the river or Lake Naomi YET, but I will do that sometime in the future. For those who are do not know, Lake Naomi sits at the bottom of the Rainforest Pack, and the Kwi River runs from Yuki Mountain, though the Waterfall Pack and up the corner of the Plains Pack, before meeting the river. The dotted lines mark the borders between the packs (with the exception of the Volcano Pack), and between the territory of every pack, there is a small piece of land, which are the Borderlands.


Waiting for a fellow wolf to post, or just plain bored? There widgets will hopefully help!

Swimming fish: Put your mouse on the square and the fish will follow your mouse. Click to place food. If you don't want them to follow you, move your mouse off the box.


Walking penguins: Same as Swimming fish but you can pick them up instead of placing food. .


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