The Wolves of Elanti

There will be NO Gathering for this month due to the ongoing war

Introduction to Badges

Over the years at TWoE, I've noticed that some people are a lot more dedicated than others to role-playing, and so I've decided to create Badges. Badges simply are little icons that you can place in your signature (that appears at the bottom of every post) as a little visual representation of an achievement. So, the more badges you collect, I guess you could say the more experienced you are. They also add a little incentive to get people posting more. I have yet to design the badges, so if anyone would like to submit a request, just inbox me. More and more badges will be added, so check every once in a while to see.

Please Note: Due to today's technology, copying these badges is as simple as a few button clicks. I do know which people I have awarded badges, so if for any reason you decide to use one without permission, you will be instantly deleted. I know the punishment is harsh, but I created these specifically for our high-achieving role-players as something for them to aim for and be proud of. 

Types of Badges:





These badges can only be earned under certain circumstances. As the name suggests, they are awarded for your contributions and dedication to TWoE.


Founding Father


These people helped create TWoE from scratch, and build it up into a (kind of) successful website. These people will often be the ones to send messages to new role-players upon joining, so if one contacts you, don't be afraid to talk back. They are friendly people and will not bite (hopefully)!




People with this badge, although they didn't help create TWoE, made very significant contributions whether it was through making significant characters, helping the storyline grow, creating new locations or all of the above- making it into the site we know today.  Their suggestions have helped make TWoE grow more than I could've done on my own. The majority of these people even donated some of their money in order to keep TWoE from shutting down, which deserves a badge on its own!


These badges can be easily earned. All you have to do is post regularly. However, normal chat posts will be deducted from this score. I will not physically count up every single posts, so I will have to estimate how many posts you have done, and subtract them from your total posts as seen under your name.




This badge can be achieved for reaching 300 posts.




This badge can be achieved for reaching 600 posts.




This badge can be achieved for reaching 1000 posts.




This badge can be achieved for reaching ??? posts. 


I have a feeling that there will be a lot of Event badges. These badges can be gained for participating in specific events that happen during the story of TWoE. Eg. participating in a war, preventing a war, helping take down a specific enemy, saving someone's life, etc. Obviously, I will only post up the badges as the events come, but you will probably know when soemthing will have a badge due to the scale of the event.

From Shadows


Participated in the war with the Soul-Doubles (ONGOING)


Taking Sides



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Autumn (Winter is coming...)

Rainforest Pack- With things cooling down in preparation for winter, the humidity is also lowering, and things should be rather comfortable for you now. The large leaves should keep most of the heat in, but don't expect things to stay warm for very long.

Plains Pack- The sun isn't as strong, now that summer has passed, so you should be free to wander your territory without the uncomfort of the burning sun. Food should be average- the cows aren't really going anywhere, but still try not to overhunt.

Oceans Pack- Winds coming from the ocean will definitely cool things down more, although the sun still is shining. Staying in your cave with the warmth of a fire by night should give you the warmth you need. That, or going to other packs is an option. Food is rather scarce, with some fish migrating to warmer waters, so you may need to hunt elsewhere.

Waterfall Pack- With lots of the trees shedding their leaves, there isn't much cover from the sun, although you don't really need it. Because of the incoming cold, staying warm indoors is probably the best way to go, and don't forget to catch those birds before they fly south for the winter.

Volcano Pack- Animals should be started to gather food for hibernation, so you may want to catch them quick before they disappear for the next three months. The waters between the main island and the volcano are much colder and have stronger currents, so moving between the two will islands will be difficult.

Mountain Pack- Be prepared for a cold winter ahead and lots of snow. Enjoy the warm sun while you still can before the cold catches you next season. It's also a good idea to hunt and store your food, so that you won't starve during the winter. 

Borderlands- The canopy is painted with orange and yellow, and slowly disappearing. Although it proves as good camouflage for orange and red wolves, it won't help to hide you. Animals are also disappearing in preparaiton for hibernation, and the forest is quickly quietening down. 

Heaven- No news