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Hi, I am Eclipse. I didn't die, but was born in Heaven. Many wolves don't understand this. to put it simply, I am not a wolf. I am a spirit. I was summoned to guard the realm of Heaven from danger and evil and also to make dead wolves feel more relaxed here in Heaven after the stress of death. I relax alot because there aren't any wolves who currently occupy Heaven, except for me and Shadow Kiss, but she's never really there. Heaven is not visible from the Earth, but Earth is visible from Heaven. We have no Alphas or Omegas. Just wolves. Occasionally, I come down to Earth and watch the wolves on Elanti. Again, though I can see them, they can't see me. But some can, some wolves may see me as a ghost and many wolves in the past have been able to connect with me.

I was summoned before Elanti was on the Earth. My summoner, Sapphire, told me that this island, Elanti, will be home to wolves, similar to myself and that I was to guard this realm where the dead wolves would end up and make it more comfortable for them. At first, I was frightend by the task. Wolves could die by the bucketload and I would have to care for them. I would be like their personal servant. Whenever they wanted someone, i would have to bring it to them. Anytime they wanted to go somewhere, I would have to take them. Frightened and worried, I tried to flee Heaven and go to Earth where I would be among others. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get down there. The other spirits and summoners -they controlled and protected other things, such as the forest, the sea and my friend Hircine, who protected the animals- all lived down on Earth, but I wasn't allowed down there. I tried teleporting, but no actual wolves could see me. However, my summoner got fed up with me and banished me, pretty much killing me. Without anyone to guard the Heavens, darkness attacked and the Heavens succummed to poison, destroying the souls of all the wolves in the afterlife. Sapphire conjured my body again before she died and gave me one mission, to destroy the darkness. With no power left in her, she died. But she had locked away my crystal heart (my lifeline) so no one could hurt it. Using my power, I fought back the darkness, alone. It quivered in fear from my force. With the help of other spirits, summoners and gods, I defeated the darkness and corruption. My power nearly depleated, I forced myself to fix the Heavens so my power could be restored. It took many years of work and lonliness until the souls of the dead could come back again. My power eventually restored, I had nothing to do and soon started to become depressed. I would spend days wallowing in my own sorrow, not moving, because I had no one to talk with or anyone for company. I had other spirits, but they didn't fill the hole in my heart for a real friend. I longed to talk to a real wolf, but seeing as the wolves on Earth couldn't see me, I couldn't talk with them. Until one fateful day, I was sitting on a rock on a big volcano when a wolf sat next to me. I looked up at him, and he started talking to me. I ignored him, he was probably talking to himself, until he called my name. I asked him all sorts of questions, like how could he see me and talk to me. He explained that his name was Shiranui and apparently all his family could see ghost and he could see me. From then on, I continued to come to Shiranui every afternoon for company, until he suddenly died in battle. He came to Heaven and for a few days enjoyed my company, until he made the decision to watch over his sons and daughters that were still on earth. I sent him on his way, and never spoke to him again. I have sat alone even since then, although I can sometimes hear his voice. 

I am a naturally kind wolf, and even though I want someone else here in Heaven with me, I don't want anyone on Earth to die.

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Reply Red
12:44 PM on July 2, 2013 
AWWW I was thinking of a new pack:Heaven Pack.It would be made of guardians and nobody would be alone.All had some ability and all had armor to protect themselves.And today I stayed awake from 11 in NewYork to 5.Reading.There would be no omegas in the pack and the leader was all the wolves' opinions tied together.I already made some.Midnight,Twilight,Starlight,Nightlight,Star,and Atmosphere.
Reply SilverStorm
11:13 PM on March 7, 2012 
Cool pic ^^

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