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Odahviing was born in the very north of Tamriel for a few years of his life, most of which he hardly remembers, before his parents and he moved north-west to Amestris for a better and safer life. Once Amaya turned up on his doorstep, he was frightened. He had never seen anything like this wolf before, especially one with a paralyzed leg. But when his parents took her in and cared for her, he decided that it would be alright to trust her. We quickly became close friends, and we would play together all the time.

The day his parents were slaughtered was a day he would remember for the rest of his life. The deafening screams and blasts of fire as they were murdered was something he could never unsee or unhear. Odahviing fled with Amaya to Winry's residence- Amaya's automail mechanic and a close friend of theirs. Life went on as usual, him and Amaya practicing and playing when they weren't hunting and gathering. The sight of a dragon normally shook fear and anger into others, so he called into his Draconian ancestry after the death of his parents and learned how to shapeshift. Although his was something he hated doing, because it reminded him of the murdering Draconians whom he was mistaked to be, and it was also quite painful himself, he did it so he wouldn't end up with the same fate as his mum and dad. 

Months later, when Amaya joined the Amestrian Military, he started training even harder to make sure that he would be able to protect the wolf he called a sister. He fought many battles and fights with her, to make sure she was kept safe, but it was the last war they fought in which always stayed firmly planted in his mind. When the humans turned on the wolves, Amaya managed to escape with only a piece of her life. Bleeding, battered and bruised, he took Amaya to Elanti, where he knew she would be safe. From then on, he has stayed by her side, making sure that no harm came to her. 

Although Odahviing may seem almost shy at first, he is a very powerful Draconian, and has very strong instincts. Just because his history hasn't been the best, and is constantly haunted by past memories and fears, he is not one to be looked down on. With powerful abilities, passed down from his Tamriel heritage, he isn't a character to be lightly judged, or faced. 

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Rainforest Pack- With things cooling down in preparation for winter, the humidity is also lowering, and things should be rather comfortable for you now. The large leaves should keep most of the heat in, but don't expect things to stay warm for very long.

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Oceans Pack- Winds coming from the ocean will definitely cool things down more, although the sun still is shining. Staying in your cave with the warmth of a fire by night should give you the warmth you need. That, or going to other packs is an option. Food is rather scarce, with some fish migrating to warmer waters, so you may need to hunt elsewhere.

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